Autumns Palette Hanging in Your Closet

The morning sun pierces the Autumn amber as it begins to rise, and the radiant beams shine through the brilliantly golden trees. The sound of crunching leaves escapes from under your footfall and the crisp Autumn air blows through your bouncy curls. Your cheeks begin to take on a rosy hue as you wrap your cozy cardigan tighter around your body, and when you breathe in the smell of spices, from the hot apple cider you have clung onto, saturates the air.


 As fall begins to ascend upon us, you will want some cozy essentials to stay warm and embrace Autumn’s palette. For those brisk fall mornings, nothing will keep you warmer than The Letter Market’s cozy open cardigan. This elegant and sophisticated sweater is perfect for looking put together while surrounding yourself in warmth. It also layers beautifully with a pair of Letter Market lounge pants or a blanket scarf. The cozy open cardigan comes in several of Autumn’s darker tones and reflects the earthy breath of fall. 

 As the morning fades into mid-afternoon you will want a piece that incorporates some of Autumn’s brighter pigments. With your closet as the canvas, this beautiful and rustic flannel from The Letter Market will paint the deep reds, burnt oranges, vivid browns, and hints of a delicate blue into your wardrobe.

These monogrammed and sorority flannels come in several patterns and are perfect for long walks under the changing leaves or a trip to the pumpkin patch. This must have shirt, pairs effortlessly with jeans or leggings and a pair of riding boots for a gorgeous fall outfit that is truly a little sugar spice and everything nice.

The temperature will drop, when the sun starts to sink into the horizon, and so you will want this cozy crew to keep out Autumns frosty chill. The Letter Market’s cozy crew comes in several bright as well as neutral colors, and the lower placement of the embroidery makes it pair beautifully with The Letters Market’s hounds tooth blanket scarf.

As Autumn progresses, the fire's flames and cozy crew may no longer be enough to keep you toasty, and you will want a vest to simply throw over your crew to keep in the warmth. The Letter Market offers several different and unique vests, including this gorgeous and delicately stitched heathered vest.

This vest is perfect for fall because its heathered texture and natural shade truly embodies the very essence of the harvest. So love your letters in fall’s favorite hues, and shop The Letter Market for some beautiful and classic pieces that reflect Autumn’s beautiful leaves.




  • I am an avid blog reader and usually don’t take interest in company’s or business’s blogs, but I stumbled upon this one and am in love! It is composed very well. It talks in detail about the clothing or product, while incorporating a script to make it not come off as a straight advertisement. I also love how many bright and beautiful pictures they used. Its very artsy for a business blog and I look forward to reading the ones to come as well as check out their website.

    Sarah M.
  • What stunning photos and beautiful wording. This blog post really gave me some serious outfit ideas for fall, and got me excited and in the mood for taking my children to pick out their pumpkins. I especially love the flannel shirts and cardigan, and will be ordering soon.

    Megan Little

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