Secret Santa Gift Guide

 Snowflakes will begin to daintily descend, kissing the tip of your nose. The sound of jingle bells will resound from the street corners, and jolly faces will smile over brimming mugs of hot chocolate. Christmas will be whispered in the frosty wind and it will fill our hearts and souls with joy. Christmas is a time of gathering with old friends, falling into familiar embraces with family members, and giving back to those who have given us so much. One very popular tradition of exchanging gifts, is secret Santa, and so whether you are the secret Santa to a dear friend, colleague, or family member we will help you to find the perfect gift under $25.

Give the gift of love and comfort with The Letter Market’s beautifully embroidered, sweatshirt blanket. This blanket is the perfect gift for every gal and it’s only $24.95. This blanket is great for snuggling up in with a good book, cuddling by the fire in on cold winter nights, or for staying warm during sporting events. Help those you love to love their letters with this elegant and classic gift.

Help your friends and family to accessorize their favorite outfits while staying bundled up in The Letter Market’s adorable infinity scarf. This classy scarf comes in several beautiful flannel patterns and pairs effortlessly with The Letter Market’s cardigan or Woolly Crew for a preppy and cozy winter outfit. The scarf is only $24.95 and you can pick the font and thread color to personalize it to them specifically.

Warm the hearts of those you love by keeping them toasty warm this winter with this adorable knit hat. This knit hat is sold by The Letter Market and comes in a variety of cute colors, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your mom, sister, or friend. This practical gift sends the message that you care and the embroidery adds a personalized touch. This hat is only $9.95 making it the perfect secret Santa gift.

Another idea is to send a gift of self-indulgence, and give them The Letter Market’s printed or burlap stockings. This elegant and festive gift is under $15 and is perfect for them to hang up above their fireplace, in their dorm room, or in their sorority house. Fill the stocking with their favorite candy and some hot chocolate or Christmas cookies to have a great Secret Santa Gift.

Whichever of these beautiful gifts you choose the recipient will know that it came with some thought, some love, and it was crafted uniquely for them. Lastly don’t forget that every good Secret Santa gift needs a note from their very special Santa and to be wrapped up in lots of tinsel and tied with a big red bow. 

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