What Every Big Should Give Their Little

Glitter shimmers in the air and lands daintily on the tip of your nose. Streamers fly in the wind, getting tangled in your bouncy curls, and laughter echoes in the breeze filling your heart with a sense of belonging. After the immediate rush subsides, you begin to scan the crowd of smiling girls desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the woman and friend you have been waiting for your whole life. Then just when you are about to give up, she emerges from the mass and clings onto you with all her might. You breathe into the embrace and the realization that you are home begins to sink in. This feeling absorbs into your skin, tracing all the way down to your core, and now one year later here you are about to receive your very own Little.

 So where do you start? How do you make this big-little reveal as special as yours was? Do you paint and hot glue your nails away trying to craft her the perfect gift? Do you spend lots of money on fancy letters to hand her at reveal? Or do you bake her some of your mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies? Well there is no reason to panic because we are going to walk through it step by step and remember she’ll love you no matter what because you are the big to her little.  

 First think of the practical things, after all your number one job is to look out for her. So with fall beginning to creep onto campus you will want to find her something that will keep her warm and toasty like this quarter zip from The Letter Market. This adorable sweatshirt will quickly become her new favorite staple, and with the artsy and unique font everyone will be sure to ask her where she got it. The Letter Market also offers a Sorority Gift Box which includes this cozy quarter zip and is my number one recommendation for you to get your little. Inside Gift Box #3 is all of the sorority essentials, the quarter zip, a Comfort Colors pocketed tee which is everyone’s favorite shirt, athletic shorts, and baseball hat all for only $59.95 (an over $90 value). This box is offered in 5 colors light blue, bright blue, purple, mint, and pink so think of your little’s favorite colors when purchasing.

 Secondly when buying for your little I recommend buying something cute and frilly like these seersucker lounge pants and shorts. These cute lounge pants/shorts come in so many colors so you can match your sorority’s colors or your little’s favorite color, and they pair with our racerback flare tanks or Henley’s to make the perfect pajama set. Make sure you buy a set for yourself too so you can twin with your little one when hanging out in the house or while having a slumber party.

 Thirdly make sure she has something she can wear to a formal chapter, and this cute blazer or cardigan from The Letter Market are perfect. These cute tops are perfect for layering, your Little could pair them with a dress or pencil skirt and look put together while still loving her letters. The Blazer is comfortable to wear and will show off her beautiful sorority pin perfectly when its pinned on the lapel. This cardigan also can be worn in more casual settings so will be great for formal chapter as well as around campus.

 Lastly, buy a few cheap canvases and regardless of your artistic ability fill them with color and inspiring quotes, so she can scatter these beautiful masterpieces around her dorm room this way wherever she looks she will know that she is loved. You are about to embark on a very special journey with your very own little. Together you will make memories, go on adventures, grow, and learn. You will learn from each other and with each other as life throws new experiences your way. After all it is the LITTLE things that make life BIG.



  • Wow!! These are all such great ideas!! It can be so stressful for giving gifts!! Also great for girls living in a house and want cute twinning quarter zips too! Can’t wait to order mine!

  • Wow!! I love all of these, what a cute way to show off your letters!

  • I really like this idea for what a bug should give their little. Whatever sorority you join, it’s always good to represent it in cute ways such as on your clothes or decor in your room.

    Peyton Clark
  • Thanks for the good ideas! I really like the variety you offered up. I’m definitely going to be getting some of these for my little!


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