What is a monogram?

There are many different versions of what is a monogram and then a few more versions of what order to place the letters in.  We are going to keep it simple at The Letter Market.  The order that you put the letters in, is the order that we will stitch them.  A traditional female monogram would consist of the first initial of the first name, first initial of the last name (slightly larger) followed by the first initial of the middle name.  It sounds confusing, I know.  For example, if you want to order something for Addison Marie Smith, you would indicate the monogram as ASM.  We would stitch the S larger than the A and the M.  It looks very pretty that way.  Boys are done differently, of course.  Boys will be stitched as initials (first, middle, last) and all of the same size.  So if you were ordering for Tanner Michael Smith, you would indicate his monogram to be TMS and all of letters will be stitched the same size.

It is important to remember that all girls' names will be stitched with the middle letter larger and the boys will be stitched with all of the letters being the same size unless it is a stacked monogram.  As I indicated, there are many variations!  If you are unsure, please ask and we will help you out.  We will not refund or exchange for letters being requested in the wrong order.  If we make a mistake, of course, we will replace the item.

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