Sorority/monogram gift box, hat, tee, shorts, quarter zip, $59.95 includes shipping

Sorority / Monogram Gift Box #3

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Sending a care-package, buying for a little, or sending your gal a gift has never been easier. This perfectly coordinated gift set comes in five colors light blue (Comfort Colors chambray), pink (Comfort Colors crunchberry), bright blue (Comfort Colors lagoon), mint (Comfort Colors chalky mint), or purple (Comfort Colors violet). This box includes some of our best sellers and basics for every gal. This gift contains an ash colored quarter zip embroidered in the color chosen, the black athletic shorts embroidered in white thread, our favorite Comfort Colored short sleeve tees in the color chosen and embroidered in white, and a white baseball cap embroidered in the color chosen.  The embroidery on the Comfort Colors tee will lend the pocket unusable. 

**The fonts will be the ones shown