About us

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I purchased my first home embroidery machine over 17 years ago and it has been love ever since.  I started off creating embroidered pieces for family members, friends, and craft fairs and eventually progressed to purchasing several commercial machines and started working with schools, universities, and big corporations.  I have worked with brides, new moms and people just wanting something special to give.  I have stitched thousands and thousands of pieces of embroidery and have learned a lot along the way.  My love of beautiful embroidery, personalization, and cute stuff has continued to grow over the years and so has the interest and request for my embroidery services. With the loving support of my family and creative input from my daughter and our co-founder, Addison,  we have created The Letter Market. Shortly after the inception of our company, Addison and I felt that we needed a third person to balance our creative thoughts.  Emily adds knowledge of sorority life, excellent marketing and photography skills and a whole lot of love.  The three of us adore our company, The Letter Market.  We continue to grow and have been able to move into a beautiful warehouse, continue to add new machines and staff!    Here you will find a  unique collection of beautiful, fun and affordable, embroidered and embellished pieces.  Every order will be filled with a bit of love, passion, and creativity. There is much consideration into the garments, color choices, designs, and placement of the embroidery.  At The Letter Market, we feel that embroidery is an art form and not just a means of personalization.  The Letter Market is family run and it is a dream come true to be able to do what I love.  
I hope that my three children are inspired to always follow their hearts.  
Thanks for visiting The Letter Market!
Kim, Addison, Emily and our entire Letter Market Team